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Fernet Hunter and Fernet Hunter Granit are fresh takes on a classic Italian bitter. A collaboration between father and son (Holzer/Holzer) with a family history that is steeped in the production of Fernet.

Raphael Holzer’s great grandfather, Oskar Holzer, worked with Fernet Stock in Trieste, Italy and helped build the Stock empire, including its relocation to Linz, Austria during the Second World War. It was at Stock where his son, Guido Holzer, became an accomplished distiller.

In the late 1960’s, Guido branched out on his own to start Holzer & Holzer. Guido’s son, Gilbert Holzer, eventually took over the business and continued the family craft of distilling in the Brunnwald Forest, 30 kilometers north of Linz. This is where Raphael grew up, where his own passion for the spirit industry began and where both Fernet Hunter and Fernet Hunter Granit are currently produced today.

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