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About Kirei Shuzo | Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture

Along the famed Sakagura Dori (brewery street) in Saijo, lies Kirei Shuzo. The people of Saijo have been making sake since the 17th century due to its pristine water supply.

Brewer Masahiro Nishigaki believes that koji is the key to great sake. As such, he uses techniques such as inoculating the rice in the koji room for 72 hours instead of the typical 48 hours, during which time it is checked at least every 2 hours by himself or by the specialist Koji room supervisor.  The maximum amount of rice in the koji room is 100kg, which is a very small quantity. 

The name Kirei is a reference to a turtle's longevity - Nishigaki-san would like you to drink Kirei sake for a longer, fuller life!

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