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About Kameman Shuzo | Tsunagi, Kumamoto Prefecture

The history of the Kameman Shuzo started with the Takeda family, a family of doctors going back generations. The brewery founder Chinju Takeda took the rice he received as payment for medical services and began making sake with them in 1916. Today, 3rd generation Owner and Master Brewer, Shuichi Takeda and his son, Ryusuke Takeda continues the legacy of one of the most naturally-brewed sake in Japan.

The climate in Kumamoto is warm, even in winter, but Kameman’s brewers refuse to use artificial climate controls. Instead, they throw blocks of ice into the tanks and leave the doors open at night.

The environmentally conscious brewery buys rice only from farmers that grow rice organically. One of the organic farming principles that the local rice growers use is letting ducks swim through the rice paddies to eat the weeds and bugs.

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