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About Kidoizumi Shuzo | Ohara, Chiba Prefecture

Kidoizumi Shuzo has been brewing Sake since 1879 and the current 5th generation Owner and Master Brewer is Hayato Shoji. Shoji-san runs the brewery with a small team of only 5 other people.

Back in 1956, Shoji-san's grandfather found that the most sought-after sakes during the Edo period (1603-1868) were aged, and that post-war brews were full of preservatives and lacked character. Determined to bring back these delicious brews, he designed the brewery to focus on traditional techniques, natural fermentation and ageing of Sake. They became one of the first breweries in Japan to offer Koshu (aged Sake) commercially in the 1960s. 

All of the Sake at Kidoizumi are made using the Hot-Yamahai method which involves creating the starter in very warm conditions using natural yeast. The technique gives their sakes vibrant acidity and depth of flavour, making them delicious when young and suitable for ageing for decades.

They have a long history of using this style of starter and are the only brewery in Japan make their entire range of sake exclusively with this technique.⁠ 

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