Purveyor of Fine Provisions

We’re a small team of passionate chocolate makers and food geeks dedicated to helping fellow food adventurers discover the best artisanal sakes and conservas the world has to offer.

As chocolate makers on a never ending quest to create delicious flavours, we have honed our senses for the finest, and have established relationship with some of the best producers.

We want to share these amazing produces and make it easier than ever before for you to gain access to the world’s most dedicated canneries and food crafters.


We wholeheartedly believe that the Singapore food scene has never seen such exciting times, with an explosion of adventurous and exciting fine foods emerging from a new wave of brilliant boutique producers and restaurants. Sadly however, this movement is not often enough reflected in the way food is marketed, sold and consumed. We believe it should be.

At Fossa Provisions, we are passionate about food crafted by real people with a sense of adventure and authenticity, from produces grown or caught sustainably at their prime. These are the true unsung heroes of the food industry, and it is our intention to make it easier than ever before for you access their delicious creations for yourself.

If you’re the kind of person who loves discovering new things, who believes in supporting real people and who wants to be surprised, then Fossa Provisions will be your best friendly grocers.