Mioya Shuzo - Yuho 55

Mioya Shuzo - Yuho 55

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Junmai • Pure Rice Sake
Muroka • No charcoal filtration
Nama • Unpasteurised
Genshu • Undiluted


Rice: Yamada Nishiki, Miyama Nishiki
Yeast: Kumamoto kobo (#9 yeast)
Alcohol: 17%
Polish rate: 55%
Format: 720ml, 1800ml

Yuho 55 is made with 2 rice types: Yamada Nishiki rice grown by the farmers group Yakkan-juku in Hyogo prefecture and Miyama Nishiki rice grown by Shishiba-san in Nagano. Both rice types are polished down to 55% making it a Junmai Ginjo classification and giving the sake a delicate aroma of aniseed and a fresh and clean palate. A great harmony of sweetness and vibrant acidity with honeydew melon and spice on the palate with a long and complex finish.

What you can expect:

Yuho sakes age spectacularly well. This one has been rested since 2018 and has a delicately sweet, fruity aroma accompanied by a layer of umami and good acidity, which makes it both delicious on its own, and a great companion for all kinds of food. 

Serve cool or at room temperature.