Chochin Shuzo - Shinbunshi 65

Chochin Shuzo - Shinbunshi 65

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Junmai • Pure Rice Sake
Muroka • No charcoal filtration
Nama • Unpasteurised
Genshu • Undiluted


Rice: Awa-Yamada Nishiki
Yeast: #9
Alcohol: 18%
Polish rate: 65%
Format: 720ml, 1.8L

Chochin Shuzo originally wrapped their bottles in the local Chunichi Shinbun newspaper because printing a label was too expensive. It became iconic and has now been much copied.

The brewery occupies a large space​ but produces a minuscule amount of sake because​ ​brewer Masayuki Kuwayama is a perfectionist who does every step of the process in the most laborious, hands-on manner​.

The sake is made with water from a well inside the brewery, which unusually for Japan has a high mineral content. This contributes to sakes that have firm acidic spine with great ageing potential. In this bottle is a dry, muscular sake with layers of complexity.