Chiyo Shuzo - Shinomine Doburoku

Chiyo Shuzo - Shinomine Doburoku

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Junmai • Pure Rice Sake
Muroka • No charcoal filtration
Nama • Unpasteurised
Genshu • Undiluted


Rice: Oyamanishiki and other (unspecified)
Yeast: #77
Alcohol: 12%
Polish rate: 77%
Format: 720ml

Chiyo Shuzo head brewer Tetsuya Sakai constantly experiments with different strains of rice and brewing methods, making an extraordinarily wide range of small-batch sakes.

Primitive, quaffable and until recently illegal, doburoku is a one-step unfiltered version of sake that used to be made on the quiet in garages. Sakai-san had to get an extra license to brew this exquisite take on the old moonshine.