Ota Shuzo - Dohkan Wataribune

Ota Shuzo - Dohkan Wataribune

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Junmai • Pure Rice Sake
Ginjo • Rice polished to 60% or less
Muroka • No charcoal filtration
Nama • Unpasteurised
Genshu • Undiluted


Rice: Wataribune
Yeast: #9
Alcohol: 17%
Polish rate: 60%
Format: 720ml

The Ota brewing family traces its ancestry back to 15th-century samurai-poet-monk Ota Dohkan, the architect of Edo Castle, after whom the sakes are named.

This aromatic ginjo is made using heirloom Wataribune rice. Floral, sweet and fruity with a sticky mango aroma.